Thursday, January 18, 2007

Where I'm From

I first moved to D.C. 4 years ago...better yet... I landed in D.C. 4 years ago. Coming from a part of the world where one would think there is nothing but barren deserts. Having expections of camels with V-8 engines installed in their humps to provide the extra umpf in the ride, and a setting where oil-rich sheiks live in a 'Mad Max' world. If you truly believe the description I gave you, then you need to travel more. :) Get out... see the world... live.

Being Somali, born and raised in Kuwait, having traveled most of Europe, and now living in the States, I can't help but feel blessed... feel grounded... feel free. I had the chance to meet so many different individuals, learn about so many different cultures without having to set foot out of my own backyard. There were times I traveled in my mind through the stories people told, and the memories they had to share. This is how I learned about the world and learned about myself. I'm glad I finally got US Citizenship, for the freedom to travel without constant background checks, and the relief of knowing I have a place to reside eases my mind. I won't feel misplaced in the world.

I'm glad my brethren back in Africa (Somalia) finally are coming together, resolving differences, to better a devastated country. The feeling of disconnect with a country you never grew up in, people you didn't grow up with, a loss of culture, and not knowing how to miss 'home' isn't anything to be proud of. I'm only connected by blood and birthright. Anyhow, I'm just proud of my people for finally coming to their senses, to realizing that bloodshed is a result/consquence of the path for power and isn't the means to a desired end.

I'm proud of my heritage, but I am a 3rd Culture Kid, I am international, yet Americanized, I am... my father's daughter, my mother's daughter and her friend... a sister to 2 younger brothers... a friend to all... I am a dreamer. However, with the plusses of my upbringing and my education,along come with it, its negatives. I am who I am... and in the end of the day... my belief is to keep trucking... whether you love me or hate me (hopefully not!!)... I've got a story to tell. Hopefully, I will be heard. Anyhow...

We'll talk more the next time we meet. I have so much to tell... and so little time... (just kidding)... I will tell you how 'A. Boss', short for 'Ayan Boss', lives the American Dream, and tales which only belongs on the pages of a book, or on a flat screen are true. (So any big timers... get at me... got a lot of ideas to share... seriously... I'm ready Hollywood... I mean New York... or maybe Atlanta... hmm... I like Miami... either way... you know where to find me.)

'Till the next time.